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Surrey Placentas TCM Capsules Goody Bag


£185 *Including free cord keepsake

In the TCM method of placenta encapsulation, once the placenta is cleaned, it is steamed (i.e. warmed) gently on both sides before it is dehydrated. During the steaming step, the water used to steam is enhanced with the use of warming herbs. Lemon and ginger are most commonly used because they are both warming and aid in distributing the healing properties of the placenta throughout the body.
With the TCM method, the placenta is not cooked so it still retains all of its nutrients. The placenta pills produced via the TCM method provide a steady release of energy in the postpartum, which helps mum to balance and stabilise. This method usually produces fewer pills and may require that mum take more pills for a longer period of time



£185 *Including free cord keepsake

During the raw method of placenta encapsulation the placenta is not steamed at all. It is cleaned, sliced and dehydrated. There are no herbs added to this preparation. The Raw placenta encapsulation process still involves dehydrating the placenta, but skips the steaming step.  The concept behind this approach is that more of the essence of the placenta is preserved as the steaming process can destroy vital enzymes in food. This process skips the heating and herbal process all together prior to dehydration. All food preparation is restricted to temperatures less than 118 degrees F. In the case of placenta, some argue that the Raw method also yields a medicine with more hormones and nutrients than the TCM method.


50/50 MIX

£200 *Including free cord keepsake

50% Traditional Chinese Method + 50% Raw Dehydrated Method Placental Capsules

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A tincture can be made for the mother, which keeps for years. This is a fantastic way to keep benefiting from your placenta once you have finished your pills. It is very helpful to rebalance our hormones and to support us emotionally, so it can be particularly helpful for periods of stress, period pains, and at the menopause. It takes 6 weeks to prepare.

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Made by steeping a small piece of your fresh placenta in distilled water for 4 hours in the sunlight. We then strain it and add an equal amount of high quality vodka.
For use during times of transition, illness, stress, teething, emotional instability, or hormonal imbalance.

Surrey Placentas Encapsulation Package.jpg


Supplied all inclusive

Placenta storage packaging delivered straight to your door. Includes:

- Cool bag

- Ziplock freezer bag

- Leak proof Tupperware container

- 4 x Freezer Blocks

* Placenta print £20
* A Third party homeopathic placenta remedy can also be arranged for £60