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"I am the proud Grandmother of three beautiful boys, each bringing limitless joy to myself and to my husband. However this was not always the case for my Daughter-in-Law who suffered terribly with the baby blues after her first two pregnancies as so often, sadly is the case in these situations. She is not unique and prior to her third baby we decided to look into possible remedies for postnatal depression and found that we needed to look no further than her own baby's placenta! She wondered if Placenta Encapsulation may be the ideal solution for her? She found a wonderful specialist who is now retired, who provided her with 120 capsules of her very own placenta, after taking  just 3 capsules a day it was like someone had switched on the sunshine for her, from what seemed like a far darker place.... What could I do but tell the world about it and try to do the same for others. Through my Daughter-in-Law I have witnessed how it has helped her, and now it has become my passion and joy to become a placenta specialist, and it is such a privilege to help other new Mums, I am here to help so please contact me regarding any questions or queries about placenta encapsulation"


The Placenta is a truly wonderful organ, provided by nature for each and every birth. The placenta is an essential part of the pregnancy, supporting the life and growth of the unborn baby in the womb, but the benefits of the placenta do not have to be restricted to just the pregnancy... It can provide mothers with rich nutritional and hormonal balance and benefits if consumed after pregnancy.  Placenta Encapsulation enables us to access all of these natural benefits from the placenta in a very modern way.

Please contact Christine by text email phone or by message for more info on Placenta Encapsulation and or other Placenta Preparations.  I will be more than happy to help. Christine Greenwood is a fully trained Placenta Remedies Consultant and is registered with IPEN



Mothers who have had their placenta encapsulated reported:

  • A boost in energy levels

  • Increased iron levels

  • Increased & enriched milk supply

  • Balanced moods & hormones

  • Decreased incidence of the baby blues

  • Decreased incidence of postnatal depression

  • Increased effectiveness of mother-infant bonding

  • Reduced post-natal bleeding

  • Uterus returns to size more quickly

  • Faster recovery from birth

  • General improvement in health and vitality

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All placenta packaging, labelling and instructions can be provided and delivered straight to you (please ask for more details) or select the packaging option on your booking form.


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